All in a day of being a mother.

“Mom I am sick and I will not be going to school anymore.” That was the first thing my five year old son said when he got home today, day four of going to school. There were no “Hello ma, afternoon ma” just that boomshell. What can a mother say or do? I just offered him cold water, helped him take off uniform and gave him a hugg while telling him that a mother’s love will cure his mysterious illness and make him stronger for tomorrow.

All this a moment after getting off the phone so pissed that another deadline has been moved, for no reason and with just five hours given. My son ate his afternoon snacks and fell asleep on the floor where he was drawing.

Ten minutes later, my mom phone me, while I am still on another line with a teacher of my other 8 year old son. The teacher had sent me a wrong letter and as I was explaining to her, she hang up. I am the one who phoned her for peace sake please. Oh yes mom, as always some relative has died, and worse but funny, she ask me to take some water to my dad’s place as the water in their area had been cut off for a day or so now. Never mind he lives 10km away from me.

Daughter comes home crying, they stole her staff while she was at sports practice, on top of that her friend passed away this morning. Ayai..yai…yai! When I think I am about to catch  a break when hubby comes home, oh dear how wrong was I. His mother is sick, and he could not finish work properly, and tomorrow his supervisors are coming.

It’s only Monday and 16 days into the year please! None of them even asked anything about me. What do I do? Just smile, comfort and reassure them, and sneak in my posts and assignments. In an hour a mother can play ten roles and still keep her head on.

When we say we need that ‘me time’ we really do need it, and we are not abandoning you guys, we just need to recharge so that we could give you more. This is way it is so important to sometimes be selfish with yourself and unplug.


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