First day in…

Class, office, writing, blogging, etc…etc, it is really nerve wrecking no matter what age you are. I remember the first time my brother found my stash of short stories I wrote, and made me read one in front of the family, before I could get my book back. I was 9 and all I could think of was the belt on my behind from dad, for wasting time and not learning my Afrikaans. But to my surprise my story was well received and I even got a new set of pens and pencils.

I have not stopped writing those stories, but the day I signed up on WordPress, was like I had never put an idea to paper. I logged out and in again for almost a week without doing much, let alone publish anything. I did write for the first time yesterday, and here I am once again doing it, but I still feel like that 9 year old wreck in front of strangers this time. This following article showed me that one just have to know their story, practice it till it has the right hook. I believe I will get there soon enough.

Article: How I Successfully Pitched Investors As A 22-Year-Old Startup Founder


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