Word count

Some writers obsess over word count, while others are more about quality of the word they put out in public, which one are you?

How did you count this January?

When you started blogging this year, was word count your top goal? Did you achieve your target? But did you remember to include those you wrote on your note book, social media like twitter, Facebook or even just comments on any site?

How important is word count?

Sometimes bloggers rush to put a lot on their blog, but does it reach what you hoped it would? Even a ten word post can get more traffic than a 1000 word post. Give your audience good quality reads, so that they can spend more time on your site.

What I did this January

I enjoy writing short stories, and this January I expanded to this blog. I tweet, I take notes from the books I come I cross, I listen to radio a lot and get lots of ideas from what people share on those shows, and make notes. The hosts of those shows also enjoy books, so I expand my vocabulary from what they say sometimes, and I write them down. I listen to kids playing and sometimes they make up very interesting and unusual words, and I take note of them.

So how do you think I did this January from all these activities?

How did you do? What are you doing to increase your word count?


Men and feminists

“Feminist are making men a weaker sex. They are confusing and killing us Africans”

These are the words of one, Abraham Rop from Nyahururu, Kenya, on his twitter timeline about a day ago. I came across them while on a break from reading serious books, and they changed what I was going to write about that day. I took some time to think about what the guy and those who engaged with his, were really saying.

As a proud tom-boy, I sometimes come across as being too hush on women, but what this guy was saying, showed me that the world still has a long way to go, to can acknowledge women as equal human beings to men.

But my hope was restored, because it showed that what women who are all for girl-power, are having an impact. These men, those that support Abraham’s narrow view, are starting to feel the heat of your voices and determination.

Feminists are disrupting things as we were taught should be and are. Abraham’s statement to me just say that men have always been bullies and now that women are standing up for themselves, they fell intimidated and afraid. Afraid that they might get the taste of their own medicine when women take over.

But that is not what women are aiming for, all they ask is an equal playing field. My question to you is, what are you teaching your children about this in 2017 and beyond?