Above all else

January 22

Happy birthday 🎂 to all those that are born on this day, a special big up to one particular special lady in my life, Boipelo. You are one of the greatest creations that have come into my life. Happy birthday to you and all the best on your next journey in life. Thank you for making space for me to be part of your life.

Everyday experiences

Each day we come across different people and different situations, both which can have an impact in how we interact with the world from that point on. We form opinions and make judgments from simple everyday interactions with our environment, some of which have an everlasting imprint on our lives.

I started off this post with a birthday message to everyone, but more importantly to one lady, Boipelo. Now what does that have anything to do with our daily interactions with our environment you may ask?

If you think about it, one way or another, one person born today could be the greatest thing to ever happen in your life at some point in time. They could be the one to unlocking that door in your life that you have been yearning to go through. They could be the best world leader we have ever seen and be able to unite our fragmented society that we live in today. They could also be a serial killer that you managed to escape from and live to tell the horrors of the ordeal. The possibilities of some kind of interaction with that one person born today are endless.

The point to all this?

We live in a very limited world but filled with endless possibilities to anything we can imagine. Where you are now you might be convinced that it is the best place to be forever (that is a very long time) but only to hear of this wonder person in another part of our planet, that convinces you to go live there forever because their place is now the best ever in your eyes.

Each day we learn something new, about ourselves, our surroundings and even the people in our lives that have a special place.

By the way there is only one Boipelo in my life right now.

We live, we learn, experience, we pass on the knowledge, we die.

Coming back here and writing this is yet another experience for me that I thought I will never get to experience again. A lot has happened between this post and the last, I have lost and gained, but mostly I have gained a new perspective of the world.

I now know that I have to be here, do this and be present in my own life and maybe through my journey your world will also get a new perspective. We all have a role to play in each other’s lives even if we never meet, but our words on the WWW have unlimited pathways to reach others.

Keep writing and keep changing lives.


Who was I before you came into me.

I was simple and easy going. I was proud of my full round pot belly, enjoying being beaten by the hot African sun all year round. Being at harmony with those that came before you, because they understood me.

They understood the balancing act, the love act between us. We were one with each other. Then you came along with your hard penetrating thing. It didn’t take you long to convince those you found here that your hard thing was good.

Good at penetrating my full round pot belly. I remember your first penetration, you tried to go in fast and hard but you underestimated me. You did not think I was going to fight back, and boy did I put up a fight. You lost some of those you came along with and that made you rethink your approach.

You perfected your smooth talking skills and got the people around me to start doing your dirty work. Your dirty work on how and where to penetrate me easy and they did break me.

You got in and got what you wanted and just when I thought you were done, you just had to have your way with me and you broadcasted to the world how you had conquered me and my pot belly.

You all wanted a piece of me and since I was already broken, I had no choice but to give in and give up my pot belly. Over the years I have become so easy to be penetrated.