Well, you are here and asking yourself, what is this Pulamolomo in Words thing that I stumbled upon on this vast interweb.

You are not lost, you want to be part of that beautiful conversation and add your voice to getting us closer to our VISION:

Eliminating the inequality gap through books.

We are driven, determined and on a MISSION through:

  • Encouraging daily leisure reading in villages and townships.
  • Bringing warmth in the family unit, one book at a time.
  • Making books easily accessible within communities.
  • Restoring the love of storytelling in families.
  • Encouraging the learning and use of as many of the South African languages as possible.
  • Bridging the gap between private and public education.
  • Bringing back the love of creative writing and stage plays in communities.

How do we go about getting to that vision you ask?

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